Books Are My Favorite Thing

I cannot even begin to tell you when or where my love for books began. It started out with your basic Little Golden Books then went from there. The Babysitters Club was one that I coveted along with any other book I could read. It was like a spark had ignited a fire within me. My love for reading and books would not be extinguished.

Such treasures awaited upon shelves for me to read. The Island of Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell, Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and all the Judy Blume books. It was just like I had reached a new level of reading. Then came the teenage years. I still have and love all one hundred and twenty five of my Sweet Valley High Books. Fear Street, Christopher Pike thrillers, and Nightmare and Dreamscapes by Stephen King rocked my reading world.

It was through my love of reading any type of story that I maintained this devotion that has been life long. I read all genres. I read books start to finish even if i do not really like them. This is true for The Maze Runner. It was like drudging through the tar pits for me. I just could not get into it. So I am still awaiting a book that I will cast aside which I have yet to find.

So know this bring me to the modern day. How I am know a thirty-something woman with three kids. I have instilled my love for reading into my kids. We recommend books, share books, and discuss books. It is fantastic. Because of my kids, I read a lot of YA. I love YA. I wish that when I was growing up their was more YA books. I think the reason so many adults read YA is because the books are really good and it reminds us of our youth. Even though quite a bit is dystopian it is okay.

So follow this blog to read my reviews and upcoming reads. I am hoping I can help you find a good book or start a spark to ignite your love for books!


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