If I Fall, If I Die

When I began reading If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie I was unsure what to expect. The books description has me curious so I decided to read it. I am glad that I did. This book addresses many issues that we see in our society all in one book.

We met a twelve year old boy in the book named Will. But the thing about Will is that he is anything but typical. Will has been living the last nine years in his home with his mother who has panic disorder, anxiety, and agoraphobia. Will have been content with her on the outside but that will soon change when a neighborhood boy peeks Will’s curiosity of the outside.

We soon see Will starting to grow into his own, challenge what he has been told, uncover hard truths, and even find himself in life or death situations. But most importantly Will is living! He befriends a local boy that teaches him how to skateboard. Then they begin to look into the disappearance of another preteen who was their friend.

As we read we switch between the chapters being about Will then we read his mothers point of view. We learn there is more to her story than meets the eye as well as the town. So get lost in a very good story to see how both Will and his mother must adapt to overcome things from their past, present dangers, and the unknowing future.



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