Sociopath or Victim?

No one in the world can right a suspenseful mystery involving sociopaths like Gillian Flynn. This story is not as dark as other stories that she has written. This short story was read in one hour by me while laying on the couch. I could not put it down. This book was one that I will be reading again. I really hope that she will write a companion to this story because I want to hear how it will inevitably end. But for now, I can just settle for what I have read.

When a young con artist women meets a rich in need lady, she thinks she has hit the jackpot. Forget pleasing men and telling fortunes, she can really make bank on pretending she can help this lady. But is it what it appears. She has a young morbid and mean spirted son who is in her way of making her fortune. Will she choose to get rich or to help them? Can she really be a nice person or will her true self be revealed? Or maybe she is the one who is under the wrong impression?

I cannot say anymore without spoiling the book for you so get ready for a wild seventy plus page ride. You cannot put it down once you start.

*grown up book

I received a copy form Penguin/Random House in return for my honest review of the book.


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