The Song of Hartgrove Hall

The Song of Hartgrove Hall will live on everyone who reads the books. As we journey through life from the present then back to the path with Harry Fox, we become intertwined within his life. The simplicity of post WWII England is greeting us as a story of love, searching to find oneself, and deception is occurring. We are not safe from the secrets of the Fox-Talbot family as we gather along the way of our read.

In the present times we see an elderly widowed Harry learning to cope with life on his own in the grand hall. But he soon finds music again in the form of his young grandson who he takes on as a protege. We see their love for music bond them and help him find a reason to keep going and why the music must go on. But as the book nears the end so does the tale of Mr. Fox.

This book is fantastically written. It clearly shows a great amount of research into that time period of England as well as music of the time. The characters are so well established it makes you think real people acted out a life as he wrote them on the pages.

*I received a copy of this book in return for a honest review*


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