The Secrets of Dargon Review

Ciara Knight takes us to a mythical world of romance and magic with her new book The Secrets of Dargon. We explore a world where not is all as it appears and secrets can kill.

Saldor is willing to take on a dangerous task to ensure his villages safety but is instead using it as an opportunity to save his long lost love. Marshea fled her village to escape the persecution of those viewed as different. But know she is facing a much worse fate from the one who saved her. Can love overcome anything? Can one trust another with secrets so deceptive they may loose their love forever.

This book was amazing. I loved it as I read through it and swept away into another world. I am a sucker for a good romance but through in some magic and a new realm, it literally entrances you. I am a huge fan of Ciara Knight so this type of book was one that I was very intrigued to read.

This book is one you will not regret adding to your collection. I can say this will soon be a bestseller for romance and fantasy readers alike.


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