Frenzy Book Review

Have you ever picked up a book that just swept you away to a place that intrigued you? A place where no one is safe? Would you have what it takes to survive? You can read Frenzy because that is exactly what Porsche deals with in the story!

Imagine knowing that you just suffered a devastating loss and your mother has left reality. You have to become stronger than you ever fought and even do the unthinkable to survive. These are just a few of the trials that Porsche encounters.

The characters in this book are so well developed. You become emotionally involved as well as feeling all the feelings they feel. There is one scene that I could imaging running across an old wet courtyard for the shelter of an old dilapidated church. The books has some romance. zombies, and vampires. The setting is dystopian as well as putting a new spin on how the vampires are helpers in this post apocalyptic world.

Get ready to read it quickly and join me in eagerly awaiting the next book in the series!


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