Virtual Blog Tour: If….Lost or Found

“If,” could mean different things to different people. If—I were a better person. If—I were rich, thinner, or prettier. If—I were black, white, Asian, male or female, shorter or taller. If—I had been born to a different set of parents. If—I had more friends. If—I had a better job. If. That one little word can take you places or make you crazy…

“I used to. Now I live on the other side of town,” he stated.

Why? “Why do you drive out of your way, just to come here? There must be a dozen places you could eat at that are closer.”

“None of those places have you.”

She felt like a sinkhole had just swallowed her up and she found it hard to breathe. “Me?”

“Yes. You.”

Sabrina might have acted differently, if she hadn’t known. But, she did know, and that made all the difference…

Sabrina worked the third shift Friday and Saturday nights at Mike’s Dine-In Café & Carryout. She also worked part-time at R&P Insurance Company Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 2, all while finishing up her degree in Meteorology. She would be getting her B.S. Although she knew she would eventually need her Master’s to secure a good paying job, she figured getting a lower paying job in Meteorology would be infinitely higher in pay than either of her present jobs, and more than both jobs combined.

She was in her last semester. It had been quite the struggle. She remembered vividly all the details from the last four years. She often wondered what would have been different if she had stayed home and went to school. Would things have been different if she had heeded her parent’s wishes? All those lectures from Mom and Dad haunted her. They had practically begged her to go to college right after graduation. They had even offered to pay for it, because they all knew her grades were not good enough to secure a scholarship. It wasn’t that she was a bad student; she just had ‘learning deficiencies,’ as mom put it, that her teachers didn’t understand. Try as she might, she couldn’t conform to the rest of her classes’ learning techniques.

Her parents had told her to apply for financial aid, that, if needed, they would pay her way. But there was a big, bold, world out there waiting for one Sabrina A. Jeffries and she had wanted more. It would be thrilling. No more little town that didn’t understand her needs. The mere idea that she would be making her own decisions, living as she designed, making her own mark on humanity, was compelling. It was as if the world had been waiting for her to grow into her own—waiting for her to fulfill her destiny. For this group of people, called her hometown, she bitterly thought they disparaged her spirit. There was no doubt in her mind, she was meant for a grand adventure.

She rationalized the notion of taking one year off to ‘live and learn,’ to really find herself, to explore all the possibilities that life had to offer, and then she would come home and start school, as was expected of her. No amount of ‘talking to’ or censure would dissuade her.

She had promised her parents no more than one year. But one year had led to two, then three, then four. Four long years had gone by in a flash and she found herself missing both her parents and hometown. She was now a woman; a learned and experienced woman of the world. She had traveled extensively throughout Europe.

Her very first stop was in the beautiful country of the Netherlands. She lived there for about the first six months. Those six months, really five months, twelve days, and about seven and a half hours, had been a real eye opener. It had been the first place in a long line of places she landed without much of a plan or care.

Sitting at a little outdoor café beside the rail station in Rotterdam, Holland, Sabrina was busy sifting through her purse for a map. Looking for lodging, she was already having second thoughts about her rash plan to find a place to stay when she saw a place she liked.

A good-looking, tall, dark man with wavy hair interrupted her thoughts when he sat down at the table. This was a suave, super cool, good looking man, and he was looking at her, smiling. He wore a leather jacket with the lapels turned up and tight dark pants. His shoulder length jet-black hair and green shaded eyes made him the best eye candy she’d seen in a good long while. No one in her hometown looked like this. No one. Looking at him resulted in an electrification of the senses. Heat had been rising right there in the middle of the town square; it was a new and thrilling experience for Sabrina.


If...Lost or Found


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