A Fatal Family Secret Review

Samantha Marks uses the popular YA Fantasy genre to address many issues that face today’s youth. Samantha’s spin on young adult paranormal literature brings awareness to many issues such as bullying and cyber-bullying. This book is a great read which can be accomplished in one setting. I am already awaiting the next book in the series.

Kayleigh is from a mixed ethnic identity which is part Hispanic and Irish. She learned about Irish folklore legends from her mother. But soon she learns they are more than legends. She must figure out what has happened to her mother as well as what is fact from fiction.

Kayleigh also faces life being raised by her father. There is a girl at her school who makes racist remarks and publicly shames Kayleigh very chance she gets. She soon takes it to another level with cyber-bullying. Before long the bullying is happening on such a large scale that it has become out of control. Kayleigh must choose to seek help and tell an adult or face her bully.

Many teenagers deal with these same issues. But the fantasy story line makes these stories more relevant and exciting for the young reader. My prediction is that this series will be a hit and I cannot wait to read the next one.


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