In All My Wishes Review

In All My Wishes

Ciara Knight has once again stolen my heart with a story about Riverbend. I really think I want to relocate there because of all the wonderful people there that she has created in books. But this story is one where one must learn to let go of the pass, learn to trust, and just maybe wished do come true.

Anna is returning to Riverbend for her best friends wedding to be her maid of honor. She left here long ago with her wishes not coming true. But the pull to this place is so strong for her. She purchased a home to have when she visits and to get away from her demanding fashion company for some down time. When she left her mother left her with a lot of unanswered questions.

Liam is still living in Riverbend with a successful career at the local college. He is preparing to be the best man in his best friends wedding. Liam has really all he wants in life except for the one who left his life he still loves. His world is turned upside down when she comes to town to be the maid of honor in the same wedding. Anna has come home.

The story of Liam and Anna takes off with their feelings starting to come to the surface. Anna is filled with uncertainty and Liam is filled with hope. They must work together to help Mitchum and Cynthia with their wedding. This will either bring them closer together or farther apart.

This story will draw you in. It is a great reminder that love is patient and you can really can go home. Ciara Knight has a gift for writing romance novels that are so heartwarming you want them to keep going. I so often times wish there was a next book so I can see how their happily ever afters are going because lets face it we could all use some more happily ever afters in our lives.




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