Outrageous: The Victoria Woodhull Saga


I am a huge fan of historical fiction. Neal Katz really did a great job with writing this novel as to how the life of Victoria Woodhull may have went. There are many adult themes such as incest, prostitution, and other taboo subjects that take place through out the novel that how the hard life that she lived. I recommend this book to mature readers due to the content.

We see Victoria Woodhull and your younger sister Tennessee rise from their horrendous childhood to become women who were respected and revered. A woman who goes from prostitute to speaking to Congress and running for President is almost unheard of even in our modern times. This books will sweep you into it’s story and you will want to finish it once you begin.

My favorite part was when she is in St. Louis and meets a fellow psychic. This was just one of her many adventures along her wild and fairy tale like life. The hardships she endures should have broken her but instead as we read we learn how sisterhood and perseverance can make anything possible.

Neal Katz has a great knack for storytelling and meshing it with historical facts. I cannot wait for the Volume II and to see what other novels he will delight us with.


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