Back of Beyond Review

This book transported me back to my teenage years during the nineties. Neeny Boucher cleverly uses ninety alternative/grunge rock songs for the chapter titles and this cleverly sets the tone for each one. This book is supposed to be YA but I feel that it is more for us generation X readers because it really takes you back.

Dina Martin is at a cross roads. She is tired of being picked on by the mean girls at her school. They treat her as if she is an outcast but along with her best friends she is ready to make that change. Dina gets an extreme makeover that catches the eye of her brother bad boy best friend Nicholas Riley but he just happens to be taken by the queen of the mean girls.

Soon we see Dina coming into her own as she auditions for her brothers band and is chosen to be a singer. Her only problem is that the only guy shes ever felt anything for Nicholas Riley is in the band. I do not want to spoil the story for you so just wait to read it and see how it plays out but I can tell you this story is a great one that you will be glad you read.

This book is truly a coming of age novel and is great for adults and young adults both.

Back of Beyond


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