Books You Love 

 Sometimes you see a book and buy it. You like the cover and think, this will be a great read. That is what Jojo Moyes Me Before You is to me.

This book touched me on a deep level and though it shattered me to the inner core it also seemed to make me a better person. It made me love a little deeper and live a little larger. 

So many times in life we forget the limits on our time and how we could have our lives forever altered in an instant. I think this book was what I needed to be a reminder of this for me.

Everytime I see this book like this on a bookshelf my heart feels the pain of the story then the love for the story. This book is one that I know will be with me forever! 


One thought on “Books You Love 

  1. YES! I agree with every word said in this post. I just finished this book the other night and my heart shattered to pieces but in a weird way.. It definitely touched me on many levels and I can’t wait to read After You, the sequel to this wonderful book!

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