From Ashes Into Light Review

This book is a very intriguing read. It allows you to follow the story of three souls trying to make it in what seems unbearable circumstances. We see Ruth growing up during the Holocaust and facing the horrors there. The interweaving of actual historic events into the story helps the reader to identify with what they know of the time period and understand how she is feeling.

We then go back to Saqapaya who is a Native American living during the Spanish conquest. Saqapaya plays a large role in the story that ties together all the lives. Especially that of young Friede who is born during World War II when his family chose to flee to America.

There is a phoenix that is somewhat of a spirit guide that follows all three through out the story and is especially ties to Friede. The spirit guide is there for his birth and seems prepared to lead him throughout his life.

The story was well written but it was not my type of story to read. It did not flow like I am accustomed to. But with that being said it was a good read even though it was not what I typically read. I enjoyed reading it but most likely would not read again.


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