Networking Karma

Networking Karma

I found the book Networking Karma to be a huge asset for my It Works business. This book review came at the perfect time! I had just signed up to be an It Works! Independent Distributor. I am new to network marketing so this book helped me to get started.

For someone who is knew to Network Marketing, I learned so much. If I had posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook what I had thought to post then I probably would have gotten little to no response. I can honestly say this book has helped me to network in a way that will attract potential customers instead of send them running the other direction.

I found the To Do’s for each chapter a great encouragement with step by step guidance. This is fantastic for those of us new to this field. But the chapter that scared me is mentoring. I know one day as I sign new distributors I will need to help them grow their business and I can see me recommending this book to them and using it to help me mentor them.

The knowledge Gail shares can be beneficial to the newbies like me and  I can even see it being helpful to the seasoned network marketer. So I recommend grabbing this book and utilizing it. It will stay on my desk with my It Works! started kit so I can continue to refer to it.


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