Not Quite So Stories Review

Not Quite So Stories

This book was a great read. It is one that allows us to try and understand this crazy world we live in. If we can humanize the unknown then maybe we can see it more clearly. We may never fully understand our lives or our world but we can attempt to understand some of the absurd things that we see in every day life.

My favorite story was about Margaret going to the caretakers office. It paints a vivid picture using a totally absurd example of her dead grandfather being rented an apartment after his death. This reminds me of what many families deal with upon the death of a loved one. All these fanciful sending off to the end of this life that come with a large price tag. When my grandmother passed, I made funeral arrangements for her. This story was really relational for me. I mean why would I pay you a ton of money to play songs from your playlist when I could make a CD from music library at home. The bells and whistles are great but thankfully I did not have any as wild as Margaret and her grandfathers apartment he needed after his death!

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