In All My Years Review

Riverbend is a town I would love to live in. Ciara Knight has created such a picturesque location that makes you wish you lived there with her vivid writing. But this book is even more special because now we learn the back story of Kathleen and Collum. This is what I have been waiting for.

We learned of Kate leaving Riverbend and taking her daughter Anna but not sure why she did this. It left Anna pining for one she loves Liam. The problem is Anna thinks Collum who is Liam’s uncle may have had something to do with their disappearing act. But years late Anna returns and falls in love with Liam. They are now married with a baby on the way and her mother Kate returns to help her.

This books is so well written and makes me wish I could just remain a silent observer of these citizens of Riverbend because Knight writes them so well that you feel you know them. This book takes us into what happened that cause Kate to flee Riverbend and leave Collum behind but what they both thought had happened was not the truth. So know Kate’s abusive husband who was thought to be dead appears and life in Riverbend is no longer safe.

This book is a page turner that you will read in one setting. I am already for the next book.

In All My Years Front




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