The Never Open Desert Diner Review

The Never Open Desert Diner is a new mystery that could revive mysteries for us all. It makes you think about how some mystery books have gotten away from evoking so much emotion in us.When Ben meets a mysterious women playing a cello in an abandoned apartment complex hes intrigued instead of terrified. Now there is love brewing but at what price will this love cost them?

James Anderson sucked me in with his vivid setting and well developed characters. This book is one that I will read again. I have been waiting for a mystery like this for awhile. I also feels he taps into the deepest darkest feelings we have and uses them to develop this story line and the characters. I would write more about the book itself but I am afraid if I did I would post a total spoiler and I do not want to do that. I want you to experience this book as you read it.



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