The Lunam Ceremony


Finding out I am part wolf was the coolest thing that ever happened to me. After seeing my mom turn, I was obsessed. I kept calendars in my room, counting down the days until my eighteenth birthday when I would have my first phase. I begged to hear stories about my mother’s Lunam and how she met my father. Lunam isn’t just a coming of age ceremony where I will phase; it’s also where I am supposed to meet my true love. I can’t even think about that without rolling my eyes. Phasing from a human into a wolf is more realistic to me than love at first sight. I’ve seen my mom phase; I know it’s real. I’ve never seen her in love.

When I turned thirteen I stopped keeping the calendars. I was more interested in makeup and boys. Layla’s stories began to feel like nothing more than fairytales. By the time I was fifteen, I ran from the room whenever my mother said the word Lunam. This prehistoric ritual was the reason I couldn’t go to school dances or have sleepovers with my friends. I wasn’t allowed a social life because I was born into a bloodline that an entire species depended on. A species I had no ties to. Layla left my father when I was four. She moved us to a small town in the middle of the Nevada desert. I have no contact with my father or Layla’s family. Now she expects me to give up my dreams, my life, for a family she ran away from—all in the name of destiny.



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