Beyond Discipleship to Relationship Review

The first two sections of the book were great reading for me. I was able to actively reflect and think about several of the points to ponder in depth to help me grow personally as a Christian. The last unit focuses on the church and its population. I do not feel I grew as much personally from this section as I did the others. But I do recommend this book whether a new believer or long time walking with God from how I grew personally from the first two sections.

But I also see how the leaders of the church can grow a lot from the third section. There are many times I see post on social media of people always posting inviting people to attend their church and then the next post is belittling or showing hate for another. This is something that I feel hurts us in so many ways at Christian and we need to focus on God’s Love, Mercy, and Grace instead of what we want to say about others.


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