I Draw On Cats Review

A.R. Coffelt is my new favorite person fro making this amazing book. I can connect the dots on super cute cat pictures that already have adorable cats doodled on. It is heaven for a girl that has a shirt that says, “Ask Me About My Cats.” It is a great coffee table book for after you have connected the dots because the pictures are a great conversation piece.

My absolute favorites are the Maine Coons that are unicorns. They remind me of sweet fur baby Eddie Vedder aka Vedder, I miss him so much. So in case you are wondering I think you should buy this book. I think you will love it and it will turn around any bad day around and a great cure for insomnia.

I have to wonder what inspired the author to make such an adorable book. But whatever it is I am glad the inspiration hit. I would like an I Draw On book made for each cute animal and to be selfish a Walking Dead version would be nice too. But no matter what you need this book to doodle on. You might also grab one to make the perfect gifts.

I am a MHPP who is an aspiring mental health counselor and I can see this book being a great conversation starter for clients in sessions especially since I do a lot of art and play therapy. I can find so many uses for this book so I know I will be getting another one.


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