Hostile Review

I have been anxiously and very impatiently awaiting book four of The Afterlight Saga! This book did not disappoint. I picked right back up to Abigail Parks trying to control her newly found gift and trying to figure out how to best protect her family. She thinks she has one choice which is to go rogue and use her mind to help her reach safety. But what will the cost be?

I really want to word vomit right here everything that happens but I also do not want to ruin the book for you. I can tell you that Abigail’s gift has grown extremely powerful and she is quite possibly the greatest weapon the people in power will have against the Arvies. When she is out on her own she must survive in the Arvy filled harsh landscape.

This series is one that I love. It places a unique spin on the standard post apocalyptic zombie creature story. Cameo Renae has created such a unique post apocalyptic world that it really breaks the norm. When I first read ARV-3, I was hopelessly hooked.

This book is a survival thrill ride that will have you guessing, panicking and not wanting the story to end. Grab your copy today!



Hostile_Cameo Renae-high (1)

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