Find Your Brave

Holly Wagner is absolutely inspirational in her new book, Find Your Brave. She shares her life experiences to help others grow and gain strength both spiritually and mentally. I feel that how she has weathered the storms of her lives is a good reminder no matter how big the storms we face, our God is bigger and our faith must be great in him.

As I read through the chapters, I learned new ways to look at storms that I may whether to help me better see how I could have handled them differently and grow from them. But then I also know that this will give me greater insight of how to use my faith and prayer to endure any storms that may have yet to come.

I applaud Holly Wagner for writing such an amazing book and I can see it being reread and loaned to my friends who may also need some encouragement in weathering life storms. I am one who often prays a lot when things are going south but forget to give up praise when things are going good. I think this book has taught me a little about always being thankful in all circumstances.

This book will be great for gifting and studying together. There is so much that can be discussed from it and learned from it too. I am one who likes to read a book like this and be able to see how it can be used in my daily life and this book is one of those that I love.



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