Ghost From Our Past Review

Image result for ghost from our past both literally and figuratively

I absolutely love this book. When I was eight, I had a weird experience that is still not able to be explained. But I was just lost in the book from the beginning. I have always wanted to research more and have talked with some local amateur paranormal groups but I still tend to be a scareddy cat at times. But that is okay. So I have learned so much about the science of the paranormal and feel more knowledgeable than I did before I read the book.

The book has humor spread througout so I founnd myself loving the book even more. It is not just a facts and figures book. It is an animated tale about the paranormal and supernatural that you can read and walk away from. It is a scientifically based book with lots of focus on the science of the paranormal. I recommend this book for those like me that enjoy staying in haunted motels or have had their own experiences.


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