52 Reasons To Vote For Hilary Review


So as an Arkansas girl and the daughter of a hard core Southern Democrat you would think that Hilary was my first choice. But I was a rebel, I was a Bernie supporter. I am a well educated woman working on my second Masters Degree. So when my candidate was no longer an option, I did my research.

My research also allowed me the chance to read and review a book called Fifty-Two Reasons to Vote for Hilary. I can tell you that this book helped me to finalize my choice and I’m With Her! There are so many misleading and negative things. I choose to research and learn what I can on my one. I feel sometimes we are mislead by media and bias of others. We have to sometimes figure out what is best for us and the vote we have. So i encourage you to read this book if you are still trying to figure out who the best choice is for your vote.


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