Keeper of Crows Review

Have you heard of binge watchers being a show hole? Well I was in the readers version called the book hole. I have started so many and stopped. Casey L. Bond always has a way of bringing that spark to met hat I need. It really got me back to the books literally when I was able to read Keeper of Crows.

The idea of a spoiled Hollywood brat with a cocaine habit being accountable for their actions if one of the great things about this story. You come to understand the other side the lost little girl inside Carmen who has been exposed to so much bad that she literally cannot be good. Her life is anything but perfect but then that all changes.

Imagine being crossed over with no idea of how you are there when your soul is being held against your will. Your in the in between but then you meet a fallen angel named, Michael. The idea of an action packed romance in purgatory is a new one. But boy does Casey write it like it was an everyday occurrence.

Her ability to be so descriptive and have such well developed characters really builds a relationship for you to bond with the story. I highly recommend this book because of the great story and a break from the mundane YA lit story lines we sometime find ourselves in a book hole from.


Keeper of Crows-High


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