Gilmore Girls

This may not be book related but I have to share. I started in October and  I recently finished all seven seasons plus the new Netflix series A Year In The Life. I loved this series. I loved the books, the fast talking, nonstop coffee drinking, yet the satisfaction I am not the only person from a small town with a unique host of people. I loved it.

I just saw in one of the episodes of the Year In The Life where Loralei decides to do “Wild” based on the book. I have never read this book so my curiosity was peaked. I have not watched the movie either. So know I am like well maybe i need to read this book. Will I also be prompted to wonder around in the woods on a journey of self discovery, I doubt it because I do not like bugs, bears, or the idea of bugs and bears so this may not happen. Who am I kidding, it won’t happen.

But therefore I am now adding Wild by Cheryl Strayed to my to be read list and a copy is ordered. So I want to thank Gilmore Girls for this little inspiration to read.

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One thought on “Gilmore Girls

  1. I have seen the movie “Wild” with Reese Witherspoon and I have to admit I truly enjoyed it. I haven’t read the book yet. I find that books are 10 times more descriptive and more mentally engaging than the movies. I know you’ll love it as long the author’s voice appeals to you. There’s nothing more disappointing to me than trying to read a good story with a bad narrator (me and 50 Shades of Grey – couldn’t make it past Chapter 2).

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