Thirteen Reasons Why: Netflix Series Review

Today, I finished the series that Netflix made from Jay Asher’s novel Thirteen Reasons Why. The Netflix series is well made but I honestly prefer the book. The story in the book is experienced by the individual in a way that takes them on Hannah Baker’s experience of choosing to end her life and her reasons. The book is a journey without extra entertainment value added in. I feel the Netflix series sought to bring more to the story by straying from the original story.

The issues are hard hitting as well as nothing held back. This show is not for those who are not able to handle mature themes and content. The show also tells more of what happens to those we meet along the way of listening to Hannah’s tapes. The show is well casted and characters are well adapted from the novel. The stigma surrounding mental health, bullying, and sexuality are everywhere because of their still often taboo nature. This series can spark some really good conversations between parents and their older teens.

The book can also have the same affect as the series without exposure to the added situation encountered in the show. I always advise parents to watch it first then make sure it is something that their teens can handle seeing. But I also encourage you to read the book too. Most importantly, discuss anything they want to after watching it openly.


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