A Handmaids Tale Book Review

This story is an amazing tail that makes one thing about the future for women of the world. It gives a view of what could happen if the rights of all women were stripped and the use of the female body is for reproduction. Something that in the state of our world is scary.
This book reminds me of the old saying that history repeats itself. You have the servitude of the lower class in society, persecution of those who rebel, as well as the Female Underground Railroad and seeking sanctuary in other countries for safety. These are ever so scary ideals that Atwood has written so well. 
I feel that the end did not satisfy me like I thought it would. I need closure when I read a story line like this. But then isn’t the unknown what we fear the most. It was a great read especially for me because I have a Masters of Sociology and I also feel anyone could discuss, theorize, and explore this read.


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