Review: The Rosie Project

A few years ago, I purchased The Rosie Project after reading a review in a magazine. I picked it up and tried to read it, but I was in a book hole from my graduate studies required reading and I put it back on my shelf and thought it will just have to wait.

Well as I scanned to to be read shelves it stood out. I picked it up and could not stop reading. It was the well developed characters, the intrigue, and cheering for the little guy that had me hooked. I have not read a book about a character quite like Don Tillman. His journey to self-discovery is one for the record books.

The journey he is taking for the perfect partner is one with twist and turns, that will keep you laughing. But for some reason, his totally incompatible acquaintance Rosie keeps coming back like a boomerang. Could he get past his idea of the perfect partner to actually accept one who has flaws?

You will laugh, cheer, cry, and maybe even learn more about accepting others flaws and all.

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