As I think about my life in the grand scope of thirty eight year (almost 39) there is one common thing throughout it that I have always loved and that is reading. I could read on the loudest bus, the quietest room, and never went anywhere without a book on me. Now thanks to our technological advancements there are books on my phone. See I love book, I love the smell of a book from an old book store or to smell books in Barnes and Noble, weird I know but that wood from their shelves is out of this word. I also love to hold a book, flip the pages, and know I can pick it up. Also it shall never be dog eared because that is the most heinous crime one can commit to a book.

So this gal still has all 125 of her Sweet Valley Highs. They are the books I grew up with along with my Judy Blumes. I remember walking into Hastings to buy Judy Blume’s forever. It was a banned book in schools but I showed them. The book of wonder and excitement of a coming of age girl experiencing her first love left us all awaiting our first love. It also shows the heartache and turmoil which can follow this love. I remember my first Danielle Steel novel, it was Johnny Angel. V.C. Andrews kept me picking up book after book. Charlaine Harris won my heart and her books, especially her signed one are my favorites and have a special spot on my shelf. Tana French always keeps me in suspense. Janet Evanovich makes me wish that I had a sidekick like Lula.

You see, books are a treasure that we really are not worthy of. It allows us a way to cope with life in a positive way by loosing ourselves within pages of the written word. For this, I am eternity grateful. I will forever be an avid reader.


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