Shaken by Tim Tebow Review

This was a good read. We often think of those we see on television whether an actor or an athlete as being on top the world. This book goes into how you are there and know you have it. Then the next minute your world comes crashing down. Tim Tebow takes us through his journey of being “Shaken”to the core. He shows us how his … Continue reading Shaken by Tim Tebow Review

Review: In Such Good Company

I am a huge fan of the show Mama’s Family. I want to be Thelma Harper when I grow up. But with that said, this character was created as a skit on the Carol Burnett show. So therefore, I watched the old show reruns to see the orgins of this show and discovered Carol Burnett. In Such Good Company is the telling of Carol’s years … Continue reading Review: In Such Good Company