Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines

I was unsure what this book would bring. I was like will it be a boring mundane memoir or suck me right in. It is a great read and I feel the look inside his life, struggles, and dreams let us see another side of our beloved Chip and Jo Jo too. I honestly feel he could be a motivational speaker because this book sparks … Continue reading Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines

Inspired by Rachel Held Evans

Y’all, this book. I have been in what a call a Faith-hole. Like a show-hole but my faith was shook to the core with a hard loss and complicated grief. I seemed to be in a place that wasn’t good and was looking for something to help me reignite my fire for My faith, trust, and help me see I’m not alone in my tiredness … Continue reading Inspired by Rachel Held Evans

Girl Wash Your Face Review

This book is a fantastic journey with Rachel Hollis. Her writing makes you feel she is at the dinner table with you chatting up the day. She is able to take her experiences to allow for you to see how she used her family, faith, and ambition to become the woman she is today. There are times I laughed and cried. She is relate-able to … Continue reading Girl Wash Your Face Review


I recently presented the NKJV Deluxe Bible to my husband for his new study Bible. It has a great single column format that does not make one feel the print is too small or overwhelmed by so much on one page. The quality is amazing and the durability is likened to my new Bible by the same company. I recommend this Bible for anyone no … Continue reading NKJV, DELUXE READER’S BIBLE

Ten Day Belly Slim Down Review

After reading the book, Dr. Petrucci is known for her Hollywood work and if you want to try her plan then I encourage you to do so, just would not work for me so I did not try it out of fear of a recurrence of  my Keto debacle The Ten Day Belly Slowdown is a good plan but it is not for me. My life … Continue reading Ten Day Belly Slim Down Review

Jesus Calling Coloring Book Review

The coloring and hand lettering of scripture is the perfect practice of positive affirmations for those who need a reminder of their faith, love, and to destress. The designs are beautiful and I can imagine so many possible color combinations. I cannot wait to use it for stress management in my classroom. I have the Jesus Calling devotionals so this was a natural choice for … Continue reading Jesus Calling Coloring Book Review

Sacred Rest Review

Sacred Rest by Cheryl Wunderlich is the perfect read for us overwhelmed wives, mothers, daughters, and woman in general. No matter where you are in your spiritual life this book is perfect for you. The verses, Biblical perspective, and study allows us to know that we can do our duties to our family and work without overwhelming ourselves. We can still focus on God and … Continue reading Sacred Rest Review

In All Things: 9 Week Bible Study

For this review, I did the study in less than 9 weeks. This Bible study really allows on to venture further into the book of Phillipians. It works with one to see the journey one can take to finding unshakable joy. This is a great study for an adult or young adult group. The verse readings then the questions allow you to process the verses … Continue reading In All Things: 9 Week Bible Study

Mending Of A Broken Heart Book Review

Over the past two years, I have been on a journey of complicated grief. It has been so hard to overcome the hurt, loss, and disappointment. I was so angry at God for not answering my prayers. But then I had to accept, it was all Gods plan all along and I must find peace. Dr. Castleton uses Biblical teachings, verses, and ways to express … Continue reading Mending Of A Broken Heart Book Review

Review: Gospel Centered Mom

The book Gospel Centered Mom by Brooke McGlothlin is a great book for all moms. It is relevant at any stage of motherhood. I have two in college and one in fifth grade and I see myself in many chapters of this book. All mothers at some point have questioned their choices, ability, cried, and remembered to lean on God. The thing is that there … Continue reading Review: Gospel Centered Mom