Review: Wake Up to the Joy of You

When I first got the book, I thought it was the run of the mill self help book. I would read it and it would not really help me with my everyday struggles and huge lack of self-care. But this book actually inspires and encourages you to take time for yourself. It allows you to work through the chapters and experience the journey of your … Continue reading Review: Wake Up to the Joy of You

Shaken by Tim Tebow Review

This was a good read. We often think of those we see on television whether an actor or an athlete as being on top the world. This book goes into how you are there and know you have it. Then the next minute your world comes crashing down. Tim Tebow takes us through his journey of being “Shaken”to the core. He shows us how his … Continue reading Shaken by Tim Tebow Review

Change: How to Remain a Strong Leader during Your Church’s Transition Review

This book was one I agreed to review in e-book format. It was an okay read for me. I could relate to it due to things I have experienced in the past but it was hard for me to relate since I am currently in a great church family. I feel this book can be beneficial to people in this type of transition but for … Continue reading Change: How to Remain a Strong Leader during Your Church’s Transition Review

Think Happy Review

  Think Happy is exactly what I need to make me smile on tough days. I placed it on my coffee table so people can see it when they see it. I also plan on purchasing a copy for my desk in my classroom. I can look at the pictures and smile. We need more books like this in the world. If you are down … Continue reading Think Happy Review

Find Your Brave

Holly Wagner is absolutely inspirational in her new book, Find Your Brave. She shares her life experiences to help others grow and gain strength both spiritually and mentally. I feel that how she has weathered the storms of her lives is a good reminder no matter how big the storms we face, our God is bigger and our faith must be great in him. As … Continue reading Find Your Brave

Beyond Discipleship to Relationship Review

The first two sections of the book were great reading for me. I was able to actively reflect and think about several of the points to ponder in depth to help me grow personally as a Christian. The last unit focuses on the church and its population. I do not feel I grew as much personally from this section as I did the others. But … Continue reading Beyond Discipleship to Relationship Review

The Black Sheep Shadow Review

This is great quick read and a good reminder of how God can change so much about this. You do not have to be the black sheep and can break through the stigma. As I was reading this book I was reminded of some similar things that I encountered when I was younger. Sometimes the grass was not always greener on the other side of … Continue reading The Black Sheep Shadow Review

Unicorn by L.E. Get Review

I have experienced the affects first hand that addiction can have on a person being the younger sister of someone who is addicted to multiple substances. This book is an all too real read for me. I have experienced so many of the same emotions but sadly, I am still awaiting for this kind of healing and working on repairing a relationship that can result … Continue reading Unicorn by L.E. Get Review

If…..Lost or Found Review

Sabrina had went on a journey to find herself only to realize that she did not and returned home. She was ready to reunite with her parents but her life experiences some major changes. She must learn who she is and what she wants out of life as well as how to work for it. Ethan, a powerful business man, appears in her life she … Continue reading If…..Lost or Found Review

Life Lessons From Grandpa and His Chicken Coop

I am from a town so small in Arkansas, it has no store or gas station. So I appreciate the simple things in life. Jacob Paul Patchen wrote about life lessons that he learned from his grandpas chicken coop.  This may seem simple to you but I can speak from personal experience that it is not. I have to admit that through out reading this … Continue reading Life Lessons From Grandpa and His Chicken Coop