Review: A Monster Calls 

So today my friend places a book in my hand and says just read it. So I did in one sitting this evening. I would have never seen A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness for the amazing story it is if  I had just come across it.  Everyone at some point has to tell their story whether they like how it goes or what’s going … Continue reading Review: A Monster Calls 

Think Happy Review

  Think Happy is exactly what I need to make me smile on tough days. I placed it on my coffee table so people can see it when they see it. I also plan on purchasing a copy for my desk in my classroom. I can look at the pictures and smile. We need more books like this in the world. If you are down … Continue reading Think Happy Review

Pasadena Review

I loved this book. Suicide is such a taboo and we never want to think about someone we love ending their life. But what if they do, what if they choose to leave us or dare we say it, someone ended it for them. In this amazing novel we follow Jude through the loss of her best friend. Jude does not think it’s possible for … Continue reading Pasadena Review

Sister Dear by Laura McNeill Blog Tour

All Allie Marshall wants is a fresh start. But when dark secrets refuse to stay buried, will her chance at a new life be shattered forever? Convicted of a crime she didn’t commit, Allie watched a decade of her life vanish. Now, out on parole, Allie is determined to clear her name and reconnect with the daughter she barely knows. But Allie’s return to Brunswick, … Continue reading Sister Dear by Laura McNeill Blog Tour

Unicorn by L.E. Get Review

I have experienced the affects first hand that addiction can have on a person being the younger sister of someone who is addicted to multiple substances. This book is an all too real read for me. I have experienced so many of the same emotions but sadly, I am still awaiting for this kind of healing and working on repairing a relationship that can result … Continue reading Unicorn by L.E. Get Review