Review: The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

The Roanoke Girls is a dark heartbreaking tale about the girls of the Roanoke family and the secrets that the family keeps. Amy Engel writes this story so well that you are able to be immersed in this tail. The characters are well developed as well as their back stories. You will want to keep reading to see what happens next as you go between … Continue reading Review: The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

Missing The Point

Sometimes, being on the opposite side of the track, gives you a better view.   Sam McKenzie has everything he needs in his professional life.  Bluegrass Security is going strong, he just purchased a home for the first time in his life, he even got himself a dog.  Personally, however, life was a bit unsettled. His growing crush on Stevie Jorgenson was unrequited – he … Continue reading Missing The Point

Broken Wide Open – New Book Release

  When your heart is broken, sometimes all you need is a gentle smile.   Grace Davidson didn’t have the smoothest childhood, but now, years later, she’s ready to start her new life with her amazing new husband—until she discovers his infidelity…with her best friend. Hurt and betrayed, Grace takes off alone for the exotic resort where she should be spending her honeymoon, only to … Continue reading Broken Wide Open – New Book Release

Girl in the Air Review

There is nothing I love more than a good supernatural and psychological thriller. Tyler Pike does not disappoint with this first in a series. Alice is twin who has lost part of herself when her twin died in India. This has been an open wound for most of her life and she is determined to find closure and answers. She feels that someone or something … Continue reading Girl in the Air Review

Weeds of Detroit Cover Reveal

It is time for Lael Wallace to grow up. Raised as a sheltered, suburban teen, the only way to escape her controlling mother is to run away from home. Without options, she rents a room at a rough hotel in downtown Detroit. There, Lael finds herself thrust into the thick of a dangerous adulthood, living among prostitutes, addicts, criminals, and the many tenacious souls of … Continue reading Weeds of Detroit Cover Reveal

Wild Within Review

I love a good suspense book. When I read what Wild Within was about it intrigued me. It is very well written and you can tell that Christine Hartmann either really researched hiking and that trail or is an avid hiker who knows her stuff. I love when books are so well written that they transport you with their pages to this place. I was … Continue reading Wild Within Review

Third Eye by L. L. Hunter

Forensic Pathologist Adelaide Paige has the picture perfect life. She has the perfect fiancé, the perfect job, the perfect house. Life should be bliss. When a gruesome double murder of a mother and child hits close to home, for Addy a shocking revelation has her rethinking her decision about wanting to start a family. Killian has always dreamed of becoming a father. But when he … Continue reading Third Eye by L. L. Hunter

The Never Open Desert Diner Review

The Never Open Desert Diner is a new mystery that could revive mysteries for us all. It makes you think about how some mystery books have gotten away from evoking so much emotion in us.When Ben meets a mysterious women playing a cello in an abandoned apartment complex hes intrigued instead of terrified. Now there is love brewing but at what price will this love … Continue reading The Never Open Desert Diner Review

You Don’t Know Me Review

  You Don’t Know Me tells the rags to riches story of a young aspiring dancer named Rue. We see a young girl whose parents are dead suddenly find out who she thought she was, is all a lie. She becomes an heiress overnight. If this was not enough throw the male version of the Kardashians in the mix as her brothers and her ho … Continue reading You Don’t Know Me Review

Trouble In Mind Blog Tour

A very intense crime investigation ensues when the FBI’s best agent and an intergalactic detective are forced to work together to save the world and perhaps the universe. This book combines fantasty, crime, and romance to let the reader go on a unique journey to search for a mother and child being pursued by people of this world and not of this world. This combines … Continue reading Trouble In Mind Blog Tour