Valentine Bride: Book Freebie

Two unlikely matchmakers        set the stage for love…   Fynlee Dale returns to Holiday to take care of her wacky grandmother. Although it means giving up her dreams of a career and husband, she needs to be there for Grams.   Carson Ford vows to take care of his elderly aunt after buying her ranch. Comfortable with all aspects of his life, his … Continue reading Valentine Bride: Book Freebie

Cover Reveal: Love & Grace

Blurb: This collection of sweet and inspirational novellas has an uplifting love story for everyone. These stories bring a touch of grace to romance, and a touch of romance to your heart.   Our twelve authors have collaborated to bring together this collection. Each story relates to dyslexia in some way, and the full proceeds from all the stories benefit Gracepoint – A School for … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Love & Grace

In My Dreams Book Release

D.C. Agent Brady Lasiter lives to take down the bad guys. Until journalist Charlotte Rutledge struts into his life with a story that can dismantle his entire Narcotics and Special Investigation Division. Charlotte Rutledge lives in small town America, but she hits hard at big town problems as the anonymous creator and editor of a true crime magazine. Fueled by the unsolved murder of her … Continue reading In My Dreams Book Release

Just In Time

In the year 2192, the technology exists to send digital recorders back in time to witness history. The results are preserved via holographic images for the world to see.   Managing teams to record history can be stressful enough, but when the government tries to take possession of the proprietary technology from the privately held Historical Preservation Agency, dedicated historian, Caleb Hunter, must rely upon … Continue reading Just In Time

Cupid’s Quest Book Review

Lori Soard creates such a picturesque little town that we wish we could visit to meet the residents. Gracie reminds me a lot of myself. She works hard and is dedicated to her job. When faced with a challenge she is ready to face it head on and use a scavenger hunt to help her solve this problem for the people she cares for. When … Continue reading Cupid’s Quest Book Review

In All My Years Review

Riverbend is a town I would love to live in. Ciara Knight has created such a picturesque location that makes you wish you lived there with her vivid writing. But this book is even more special because now we learn the back story of Kathleen and Collum. This is what I have been waiting for. We learned of Kate leaving Riverbend and taking her daughter … Continue reading In All My Years Review

Sweetwater County Book Series

WINTER IN SWEETWATER COUNTY: Lisa Mortan’s ideal life crumbles when her rich and powerful fiancé demands she ends an unwanted pregnancy. With no job or social support, she flees to a small town in hopes of finding a good family for her unborn baby, but instead finds a man who is as broken as she is. Eric Gaylord returns to his home town for a … Continue reading Sweetwater County Book Series

In All My Wishes Review

Ciara Knight has once again stolen my heart with a story about Riverbend. I really think I want to relocate there because of all the wonderful people there that she has created in books. But this story is one where one must learn to let go of the pass, learn to trust, and just maybe wished do come true. Anna is returning to Riverbend for … Continue reading In All My Wishes Review

In All My Years: Cover Reveal

    Kathleen Baker fled Riverbend, TN in the middle of the night to escape her mafia, drug running husband. She also left behind the man she loved. Now, Ten years later, Kathleen returns to Riverbend, the one place she’d ever felt at home. After a letter arrives, Kathleen realizes her husband is still alive. With her past now in the present, Kathleen’s future is in … Continue reading In All My Years: Cover Reveal