New Release: Keeper of Crows

Carmen Kennedy is a spoiled brat from Beverly Hills with a chip on her shoulder and a cocaine addiction to match. Using drugs to suppress reality, her life is more than she can stomach most days. All she wants is to disappear, and on one fateful night, her wish is granted.   There is a world that exists just beyond the fabric of our own. … Continue reading New Release: Keeper of Crows

Retribution Cover Reveal

Retribution (After Light Saga Book 5) War is coming between humans and Arvies, leaving me trapped between two enemies. This time, I don’t think I’ll survive. The government will stop at nothing to get me back in their clutches. They want what’s inside me—a power I call Venge—and will use my greatest weakness to bring me to my knees.  The Arvies know of my gift, … Continue reading Retribution Cover Reveal

The Aqua Truth Cover Reveal

Blurb: “You are going to be the strongest, most perfect specimen in all existence. You will be the revolution the world needs. It all begins with you.” Pym Maddox and Rush Rodgers grew up knowing they were different. But they only realized how different when they exposed General Maddox’s secret experiments. There is still more underneath the surface. And Pym and Rush won’t know the … Continue reading The Aqua Truth Cover Reveal

Friction Review

Friction picks up right where Frequency ends. You have to have read all the prior Frenzy Series books to be up to date with the story. We see the Infected and Vampires dealing with the news there is a cute. As they prepare to share the news with other survivors outside Blackwaters walks they see not all is as safe as it may appear. There … Continue reading Friction Review

Hostile Release

Wanted. It’s something I’ve had to get used to since being placed on the government’s Most Wanted list. On the run, with my family and Finn by my side, we now have to evade not only the Arvies, but teams of soldiers sent to find and capture me.   Little do they know, I’m battling my own demons. After the receiving large doses of mind-enhancing serum, … Continue reading Hostile Release

Cover Reveal: The Aqua Promise

Goodreads:   Rush Rodgers made Pym a promise he knows he will uphold until he dies – he would free them from General Maddox. But this is difficult when Pym is ripped away.   In a strange land she had been told never existed, Pym Maddox is forced to live a lie for the good of her people. She must pretend to be happy … Continue reading Cover Reveal: The Aqua Promise

Frantic by Casey L. Bond Review

Frantic takes us on another amazing journey to the primitive village that has been formed to protect the survivors of a virus that destroyed a city and left it’s victims mindless zombie like creatures. But they have a secret weapon to help them ensure their survival, guardians who are vampires. But they must allow the vampires to feed in order for them to to provide … Continue reading Frantic by Casey L. Bond Review

Frenzy Book Review

Have you ever picked up a book that just swept you away to a place that intrigued you? A place where no one is safe? Would you have what it takes to survive? You can read Frenzy because that is exactly what Porsche deals with in the story! Imagine knowing that you just suffered a devastating loss and your mother has left reality. You have … Continue reading Frenzy Book Review