Retribution Cover Reveal

Retribution (After Light Saga Book 5) War is coming between humans and Arvies, leaving me trapped between two enemies. This time, I don’t think I’ll survive. The government will stop at nothing to get me back in their clutches. They want what’s inside me—a power I call Venge—and will use my greatest weakness to bring me to my knees.  The Arvies know of my gift, … Continue reading Retribution Cover Reveal

The Aqua Truth Cover Reveal

Blurb: “You are going to be the strongest, most perfect specimen in all existence. You will be the revolution the world needs. It all begins with you.” Pym Maddox and Rush Rodgers grew up knowing they were different. But they only realized how different when they exposed General Maddox’s secret experiments. There is still more underneath the surface. And Pym and Rush won’t know the … Continue reading The Aqua Truth Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: The Aqua Promise

Goodreads:   Rush Rodgers made Pym a promise he knows he will uphold until he dies – he would free them from General Maddox. But this is difficult when Pym is ripped away.   In a strange land she had been told never existed, Pym Maddox is forced to live a lie for the good of her people. She must pretend to be happy … Continue reading Cover Reveal: The Aqua Promise

Frantic by Casey L. Bond Review

Frantic takes us on another amazing journey to the primitive village that has been formed to protect the survivors of a virus that destroyed a city and left it’s victims mindless zombie like creatures. But they have a secret weapon to help them ensure their survival, guardians who are vampires. But they must allow the vampires to feed in order for them to to provide … Continue reading Frantic by Casey L. Bond Review

Death to the Undead Release

The battle that began in Life After the Undead continues. Zombies changed her life completely… Tough teenager Krista escaped to the safety of Florida after her parents were killed by the zombie horde. She united with General Liet, a distant cousin, and moved with him to North Platte to help build a wall to keep the zombies in the West. Krista fell in love with … Continue reading Death to the Undead Release

Apocalypsis Series

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ELLE CASEY, brings readers Book 1 of 4 in the YA Dystopian APOCALYPSIS Series, suitable for older teens and adults. KAHAYATLE. My name’s Bryn Mathis. I’m seventeen years old, and I live in a neighborhood outside of Orlando, Florida. I live alone because my dad died almost a year ago, along with all the other adults in the world. I’m … Continue reading Apocalypsis Series

Apocalypsis by Elle Casey

Prologue I STUFFED THE SLEEPING BAG down into my backpack with angry, punching motions, sick and tired of having to be here and having to do the same thing over and over again.  I hated camping, I hated being organized, and more than anything, I hated what this exercise stood for. “Don’t do it like that.  I told you – you have to conserve the … Continue reading Apocalypsis by Elle Casey

Excerpt From Reap

A SLAM JOLTED ME OUT of my slumber. Another bang echoed in the front of the cabin, and footsteps hurried to my door. I didn’t know how long I’d slept, or if it was still daylight, but I was still tired and wanted to retreat back into the sweet abyss again. My door opened, and I turned my head to see my aunt standing in the … Continue reading Excerpt From Reap