Girl in the Air Review

Girl in the Air

There is nothing I love more than a good supernatural and psychological thriller. Tyler Pike does not disappoint with this first in a series. Alice is twin who has lost part of herself when her twin died in India. This has been an open wound for most of her life and she is determined to find closure and answers. She feels that someone or something must be responsible.

Her hunt for answers takes her on a voyage of self discovery which leads her to more than she ever bargained for. She is not who she thinks she is. She is so much more. But the thing sis the so much more comes with great dangers that she could have never imagined. I love how the coming of age teen angst is engulfed in learning you have powers you could have never imagined.

This book is a page turner that will have you hooked from the start. I cannot wait for more books in this series. I can see Tyler Pike rising quickly in the charts and off the book shelves. The settings are so visual you can imagine yourself in the scenes. The characters are so well developed that you come to know them and predict how they may react. This is what makes a good book great and I definitely recommend this as a must read.


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