Beyond Discipleship to Relationship Review

The first two sections of the book were great reading for me. I was able to actively reflect and think about several of the points to ponder in depth to help me grow personally as a Christian. The last unit focuses on the church and its population. I do not feel I grew as much personally from this section as I did the others. But … Continue reading Beyond Discipleship to Relationship Review

The Shrouded Kingdoms Trailer Reveal

Buy Links: The Curse of Gremdon: The Secrets of Dargon: The Runes of Bramon: Coming Soon   Book Trailer: Risme delves into the dark arts in hopes of battling the evil threatening her kingdom. In secret, she unlocks the realm of the Elders and channels the power of the High Gods. But with any dark magic, she discovers there is a price. … Continue reading The Shrouded Kingdoms Trailer Reveal

The Shadow Chronicles

“Centuries ago I screwed up. Lost control of my darkness and did some things that I honestly wish I could erase from my memory. Feeling I had grown too powerful for my own good, the Council of Immortals banded together to create a linking spell which would forever connect my powers and emotions to those of a mortal with a pure and innocent heart. Unfortunately, … Continue reading The Shadow Chronicles

Jules: The Second Adventure

War. It doesn’t start with armies or bombs. It doesn’t start with declarations or protests. It doesn’t start with speeches. It starts with one thing. Intent. Jules understands this concept. She intends to kill a cult leader. She intends to undo magic from the past. She intends to get her family home. She intends to start a war. For More Information Jules is available at … Continue reading Jules: The Second Adventure

Descent Book Release

It’s been two years since the lion roared … the eagle flew … and the fated Celtic warrior embraced her destiny. Now, with an unknown darkness swirling and the body count rising, the world needs a hero more than ever. A new battle is brewing. Who will answer the call to war? The time has come. The stage is set. And the Garretts are back … Continue reading Descent Book Release

The Lunam Ceremony

Finding out I am part wolf was the coolest thing that ever happened to me. After seeing my mom turn, I was obsessed. I kept calendars in my room, counting down the days until my eighteenth birthday when I would have my first phase. I begged to hear stories about my mother’s Lunam and how she met my father. Lunam isn’t just a coming of … Continue reading The Lunam Ceremony

The Dimension Thieves

The Dimension Thieves is a clean series with some mild violence and language, still suitable for some young adult readers.   In this final three gripping episodes in the series, Sterling must face her most worthy, as well as her most dangerous adversary. The crew of the Karolina Nine returns to a familiar dimension where they learn that failures, mistakes, and unexpected events will decide … Continue reading The Dimension Thieves